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How to find Canadian news content amid digital platform regulations such as Bill C-18?

Canadian news sources and consumers have mixed reactions to Bill C-18, a proposed law that would regulate how digital platforms such as Google and Meta (Facebook’s owner) use and pay for news content from Canada while presented on their platforms.

Who benefits, and who loses? Can it be a Net-Zero-Sum, or does it always has to be a zero-sum game with a clear loser and winner?

Maybe we can even try for a Positive-Sum game, a situation where all participants can gain more together.  Can cooperation create more value than competition3?

Google has already threatened to block some Canadian news content from its services if Bill C-18 passes, saying it would affect its freedom and fairness in Canada2.”

Bill C-18 proposed legislation regulating digital platforms that act as intermediaries in Canada’s news media ecosystem, such as Google and Meta, which owns Facebook, has sparked controversy among Canadian news sources and consumers. 

The bill aims to enhance fairness in the Canadian digital news market by introducing a new bargaining framework that would support news businesses to secure fair compensation when their news content is made available by dominant digital intermediaries and generates economic gain1.

The bill’s goal is to create a new bargaining system that would help news businesses get fair compensation when dominant digital platforms benefit from their news content1. However, some critics say that Bill C-18 could harm Canadian news sources and consumers by limiting their access to diverse and quality journalism, increasing censorship, decreasing innovation, and raising costs2.

However, some critics argue that Bill C-18 could negatively affect Canadian news sources and consumers, such as reduced access to diverse and quality journalism, increased censorship, decreased innovation, and higher costs2. Google has already warned that it may block some Canadian news content from its services if Bill C-18 becomes law, citing concerns over its ability to operate freely and fairly in Canada2.

If you are worried about how Bill C-18 could affect your access to Canadian news content, you may want to consider some ways to find reliable and relevant information from various sources. Here are some tips:

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